Time For Powders

Time For Powders

We have always been known for 1st class liquid storage, now it’s time for powders.

Our customers have been asking for powder silos for the storage of cement powder, PFA, Lime powder etc.

The first of our 35m3 vertical silos have arrived and are being fitted with the latest WAM Components

  1. Control Panel
  2. Pressure Relief Valve
  3. High Level Alarm
  4. Over Pressure gauge
  5. Silo Fill Pipe Automatic Shut Off Valve
  6. Filter pressure Gauge
  7. Silo Fill Connection
  8. Silotop Filtation
  9. Cone Aeration
  10. Ladder and Fall Arrest System
  11. Pre-Slung Lifting Equipment

These silos can be supplied with or without their own bases. The bases eliminate the need to cast a concrete pad, these bases will help saves costs, particularly on a short-term contract.

For more information, please contact us on 01502 710100.