Manways, what about them?

Manways, what about them?

Hiring a storage tank that meets your requirements is fairly straightforward; you've checked the capacity of the hire tank offered - perfect, the tanks overall footprint is just right for the space allocated, the fittings are correct and transport is arranged. What else should you need to consider?

What about the manways? Regardless of where you hire your storage tank from, just like us, they will expect them returned cleaned and ready for immediate hire - of course after an inspection back at the depot.

So why would you consider the manway, a manway is a manway...right? Ok, so to gain access to the inside of your hire tank - for inspection, cleaning, etc. - your only point of access is the manway. This is normally a single point of entry located on the top of the tank.

So set aside 20 - 60 minutes of your valuable time, go and get a spanner or socket, spray a bit of lubricant on the bolts, give it 5 to 10 minutes to soak, and now try and undo all 24 - 36 bolts, being extra careful not to lose any… And 60 minutes later you're in; not forgetting after you are done inside the tank, you're going to have to do it all again in reverse to reseal the manway - this is another 20 or-so minutes of time wasted. A total of 80 minutes wasted per manway. Although unlikely (with a standard hire tank) what if you have two manways to open?

Perhaps those manways should be something to consider when you next hire a storage tank? With our premium hire tanks, a key point is 2 x 600mm quick release manways; one on the top and one on the end. On average it will take you just 1 minute to gain access; simply loosen the 8 hinged wingnut bolts, slide past the brackets and that's it. No tools needed and there are no bolts to lose. Resealing the manway is equally as quick and easy - time saved and not wasted.

That's something to consider when you are next looking to hire a storage tank!

If you would like more information about our premium hire tanks, please visit the Hire Tanks section on our website, or call us on 01502 710100 - we'd be happy to chat with you about your storage tank hire requirements.

Premium Hire Tank Manway Key Points

  • 2 x 600mm Quick release manways on all premium hire tanks; top and end access - great for airflow.
  • No need for scaffolding if using end manway; no "working at height" concerns.
  • Access to tank - on average - in just 1 minute
  • No tools required to open quick release manway
  • No bolts to lose when manway opened