In an emergency, think Regal Tanks!

In an emergency, think Regal Tanks!

'Twas the night before Christmas…well nearly - it was Monday 23rd, and Christmas break had officially started for the hire tank staff at Regal Tanks. Having finished work early on Friday the 20th and saying the final Merry Christmas', everyone was at home and the office was empty…but not for long!

After receiving a call late on the 23rd on the Regal Tanks 24hr emergency support line, Southern Water in Lewes, Sussex, had a 1 million litre storm tank collapse at one of its pumping stations, spilling the entire contents. They needed a replacement storage tank, and quickly.

We love a good challenge, and after a few telephone calls, a small team of staff was put together and back at work on Tuesday 24th during holiday time. The plan…to provide up to 1 million litres of liquid storage hire tanks, along with 6" flanged composite hoses and 18 gate valves - a complete package - and it needed to be delivered over Christmas.

Only due to the time of year, we knew arranging haulage would be the most difficult part - We needed nine lorries and drivers to transport our 100,000 litre hire tanks; and just like us, most haulage companies would now be closed.

We like to think we have a good relationship with some of the haulage companies we regularly use, and as it turns out this relationship is pretty amazing with one local company. An out-of-hour's call, very late on the 23rd December, we arranged for all nine lorries to collect from our Beccles depot on the 24th and deliver our 100,000 litre hire tanks on Boxing Day.

A tough challenge and at an extreme time of the year - we met it (with a little help).

For more information you can view the damage to the storm tank on the Sussex Express website