Hire the best bunded storage tanks

Hire the best bunded storage tanks

We are constantly investing in our hire tank fleet - purchasing new tanks and also finding ways to modify and make our hire tanks more user friendly. Focusing on bunded storage tanks, we have introduced a new 70,000 litre bunded tank which is 30% bigger than our previous largest bunded tank.

Also known as the Bigger Better Bunded tank, we have included additional safety features to this 70,000 litre storage tank.

Stairs have been fitted to access the top inspection platform which overlooks the bunded area. From here, personnel can safely close the emergency 6" inlet and outlet gate
valves - providing complete tank shutdown quickly and easily.

By extending the gate valve handles up to the bund inspection platform, we have eliminated the need for any personnel having to enter the bund area. And if for any good reason personnel need to access inside the bund, an additional set of stairs have been fitted. These features are safer, and save you time and money.

Standard Bunded tank features

All of our 70,000 litre bunded hire tanks are fitted with 2 quick release manways, another time and cost saving feature. Compared to a traditional bolted manway, quick release manways can be opened on average in just one minute - a bolted one can take up to 80 minutes.

On the top of the tank, including the quick release manway is a single 8" ANSI flanged (blinded) and single 8" ANSI flanged vent.

The rear of the tank is fitted with 3 blinded 6" ANSI flanged outlets; individually located at the top, middle and bottom of the tank end.

At the front of the tank, for additional security, our 70,000 litre bunded hire tanks come fitted with a large lockable storage cabinet (roller shutter). Located inside the cabinet are 1 x 6" ANSI flanged inlet and 1 x 6" ANSI flanged outlet - ideal for a controlling access to a pump (if fitted). At the front of the tank is also where the second quick release manway is located along with a visual sight tube for checking fill levels.


When you hire a bunded tank or any storage tank from us, all of our hire tanks are supplied with pre-slung lifting equipment and are LOLER 98 certified.

What to store in a bunded tank

Our industrial bunded storage tanks are all made from mild steel and provide 110% containment - the legal requirement. Providing you are not storing a corrosive liquid, you can safely store just about any liquid product which does not set solid.

We typically see diesel, oil, leachate, and non-corrosive chemicals stored in our bunded storage tanks. If you are unsure your product is going to be compatible with a bunded tank, our advisers are always happy to help.

Bunded storage tanks - what makes Regal Tanks different?

Hiring bunded storage from Regal Tanks is an incredibly straight forward process. As an ISO:9001 (UKAS) regulated company, we follow a strict protocol to ensure you get the very best service and storage tank - every time.

You can contact our tank advisers on 01502 710100 or online with any questions you have, or to arrange hire of a bunded storage tank.